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Project Consulting: Company The application of multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience, modern science and technology and management methods, follow the principles of independence, science and impartiality, to provide advisory services for investment decision-making and implementation of projects, in order to improve macro and micro economic benefits. Preparation of investment project Feasibility Study report, Project proposal , Project Application Report, Fund Application Report Planning Consulting, Assessment consulting ,。

Engineering and Technical Services: Company Provide technical basis design documents and drawings for project construction, and guide the installation, commissioning, driving and other services, is an important part of construction project , specifically including Active Introduction Device Characteristics and scope of use Provide Device Manual、 Equipment Maintenance Manuals and other technical information To the user unit for technical exchanges and transfer of experience Recommend suitable process equipment and supporting equipment according to User's needs ,。

General contracting of Project: Company Surveying, designing, purchasing, construction and Commissioning, driving To implement the whole process of contracting, the quality of the project Of , construction period, cost, etc. to the owner responsible, Company to Overall conception, overall arrangement, coordinated operation, pre and post cohesion and systematic management of the whole project construction , it is advantageous to reduce project cost, shorten construction period and ensure project quality.

New technology research and development: Company Substantive improvements to the production of new products, devices, and the establishment of new processes and systems using existing knowledge obtained from research and practical experience, or by introducing technology from the outside. In the fierce competition, seize the opportunity to form their own manpower accumulation, to ensure the competitive advantage of enterprises.

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